Saturday, June 14, 2008

Be Fabulous

Finally saw the Sex and the City movie. Let me tell you, I'm in Love! If you need some eye candy this is the perfect movie for it. I want the wardrobes of the fabulous foursome. Wow! and the most amazing part is that I was able to identify some of what each character was wearing as soon as I saw it. I guess I have grown up and now appreciates fashion! "I'm fabulous!"

One of my favorite scenes was when the girls are packing away Carrie's closet as she prepares to move out of her old appartment. Carrie by Sara Jessica Parker, models some classic outfits from years gone by, including that infamous tutu dress from the opening credits of the HBO TV series.
If you live for fashion this movie is a must see!

Friday, June 13, 2008

YoooHoooo!!! Wow

I got an email from a Etsy friend named Janice. She told me "These pillows are so rich and fabulous!" and she picked my "Flash Magenta Pillow" to be featured in her Treasury West. To be honest I was amazed and excited!
Treasury West is a collection of favorites from all Etsy community, and get this, this list get post it in the front page of Etsy, wow! great. This list of favorites are always very beautiful and chic. I am very please.
Visit Janice's shop you will love it. beadznthingz

Janice! Thanks again.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Feel Crafty

Last weekend I went to Charlotte North Carolina, and let me tell you, love it! This small city have it all, there's history, lots of arts and crafts, chic stores, a mix of modern and colonial architecture and beautiful people. Is a city on the move. One of my favorite places was the chic uptown, is the center town where all the action happens!! One of the highlights of this trip was my visit to the Mint Museum of Craft and Design This museum holds strikingly collections of ceramics, glass, fiber, wood, metal and mixed media . This place is amazing! I love it. The museum honors the legacy of the region's rich craft heritage, provides an understanding of art through the ages, embraces contemporary studio craftand serves as an individual educational asset to the community. Is a place to experience art!